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    Asia University has been upheld in cultivating outstanding professionals in higher education in the 21st century. Currently, the university has seven colleges, including Medical and Health Science, Management, Information and Electrical Engineering, Creative Design, Humanistics and Social Sciences, International, and artificial intelligent; 28 schools, 20 master’s programs, and 5 PhD programs. We currently have over 12,000 students. The university was established in 2001 as the Taichung colleges of Health Management with the core principles of establishing a school of health. Four years later, the university was renamed as Asia University and was continued to uphold the motto health, caring, innovation, and excellence to cultivate elite professionals with culture, good morals, and good attitudes..

    The senior population in Taiwan continues to increase as we enter an aging society. With the trend of chronic diseases and senior medical care along with the promotion of the national healthcare system, the operating concept of “disease treatment centers” has been overturned into the combined operation model of “health preservation”; improving quality of medical health promotion effectively is more urgent. With the Executive Yuan’s promotion of industries such as biotechnology, green energy, exquisite agriculture, tourism, medical care, and cultural innovation, this university continues to develop professionals in health care and management. The school’s long-term educational development plans emphasize student development, faculty improvement, education quality improvement, and the strengthening of academic research. Therefore, the school applied to establish a nursing department in order to address the demands of future national development and nursing personnel. Using the school’s superior faculty and China Medical University’s clinical resources, base level nursing personnel will be developed in order to address an important issue. Simultaneously, establishing the nursing school will make the school’s care department more complete and it is a decision that cannot be delayed. Establishing the nursing department will become the cradle of development of basic personnel to not only develop professionals who can consolidate the health industry, but can also improve the school’s academic research. Developing base level care personnel also pioneers the development of the school to become a health care university.

    China Medical University is the largest medical center in the Taichung-Nantou region. In July of 2012, they formed an alliance with Asia University to become united universities. Both universities share resources such as teachers and research equipment, which has given Asia University access to an abundance of clinical resources to provide students professional educations similar to medical universities. The medical center of China Medical University is large in scale, complete in departments, and is a medical system with advanced equipment; they have also established a trauma center, oncology center, children’s hospital, cosmetic surgery center, physical examination center, nursing center, and nursing home. Nursing students are given complete and professional internships to prepare them for nursing in any department in future occupations so that they can immediately fit in and become adepts. Asia University also has departments of long-term care, bio-medical information, bioengineering, health and nutrition, psychology, and social workers; thus, students in the Department of Nursing can obtain professional certification in multiple fields. Since 2014, the Ministry of Health and Welfare has approved Asia University to establish a hospital at Nanliao Duan in the Wufeng region, neighboring Asia University. Construction have begun in August of 2014 with a total project costing NTD 2 billion. The  hospital will have 8 floors above ground and 2 floors underground, with a total bed count of 350 being standard beds and 132 being special beds. Operations will begin at the end of 2015. Furthermore, the Ministry of Health and Welfare has also given approval to construct a nursing home with an initial count of 200 beds, situated next to the hospital to provide the combined services of medicine and care to middle Taiwan so that working families with seniors can work without worry. This will also provide nursing students closer and varied internship opportunities.

    Students who obtain nursing qualifications in the Department of Nursing will be guaranteed to have positions in medical facilities of Asia University with an annual salary of 600K (including bonus) and an average monthly salary of 50K. For students who are passionate, can persevere, and have empathy who wish to enter the medical industry, the Department of Nursing at Asia University is the optimal choice.