Student Care Service

The Department of nursing cares about students and strives to take care of them in terms of education and daily life in order to allow students to focus on learning and personal growth, as below:


Scholarships          Link

To assist students in successful education, especially low-income students, the university has established many types of scholarships for the qualified students.

Education Counsel          Link

1. The department has arranged education counselors to assist students in solving any problems with learning to improve the efficiency of student learning.

2. The department has arranged life counselors to give students counsel and assist them in planning their lives from university entrance to graduation.

3. The department has mentors to care for individuals and give guidance to students regarding the learning, course selection, career development, life, and friendship. It is a friendly interaction between the faculty and students, and it is to help students growing by exploring knowledge and assisting in problem solving.

4. A welcome party is held for university freshmen prior to entrance. Once the first semester begins, a department festival will be held to promote course selection and supplementary learning systems to assist students in solving various educational problems.

5. In order to improve student learning through counseling, the university has established the [Learning and Career Development Center] and [Superior Education Planning Office] to promote related subjects.

Improving Language Skills          Link

1. The university has a pre-arrival program for students to participate in English courses.

2. The university has an International Language Center to establish an environment of using English to solve problems related to studying English and to provide services such as exchange student counseling and English certification exams.

3. The university has an “English for Specific Purposes” (ESP) course to improve the professional English skills of students.

4. The department encourages students to apply for special programs supported by the Ministry of Education. Students can travel to famous foreign universities for academic study during their time in school.

Dormitory Services          Link

1. In order to better serve students, the university has a dormitory service department to support students in events related to student dormitories.

2. The department provides move-in services for new students every September.

Family Affairs

Family Affairs

The university has a “Family Affairs Center” to encourage the faculty and students to use freely provided telephones to call their parents.


Career Development          Link

The “Learning and Career Development Center” aggressively helps students to adjust their learning methods to improve their learning and counsel students all the way to graduation in order to improve their competitiveness.